Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is it ever okay to be selfish?

I am sitting in my living room, pouting like a five year old. I only hope it is okay to feel this way....

See, Mario has a pretty much full time job now. He has worked at the same location since the end of January. He really likes it and they seem to love him. He has made a close friend and things are finally falling into place in his life.

Today, I got out of school, and for the first time in about two months didn't have to run into work. I came home and did whatever I wanted. Well, actually, I worked on my taxes, but you get my drift. After the taxes, I put on Julie & Julia to relax. As I believe I've mentioned before, that movie makes me appreciate Mario more than words can describe. The men are depicted as such strong supporting forces. Neither woman would have accomplished half of their successes without their man's support. This is a HUGE statment coming from me.

So, I'm watching this movie, missing Mario and counting down the minutes until he will be home sharing this moment. He though, decided to go out for drinks with some guys from the office. And I'm sad.

Now, if I stop for a moment I can recognize that he probably would not enjoy the moment as much as I do. And clearly this is just me being selfish. I just look forward to the little time we get together. I look forward to the little moments that we are home together...the times I'm not working and we can laugh or just see each other.

Its fine. I feel better simply letting it out. And don't worry, he won't ever see this. He doesn't read the blog. :) I do promise to post soon on some of the ridiculous stuff I've been up to. Mario even took video of us trying to flambe some lobster. Ha!